A short puzzle platformer game made for the GMTK game jam 2021.

The theme is "joined together".

The game is about moving and joining parts of the level to win it.

This game stars Gen-tan, the mascot of https://genshiken-itb.itch.io/.

Art and Music by Izzako


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Fun game with clever concept!

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Wow! This is really cool! Still haven´t figured out the last level, but i´d love to see a full version of this game with less bugs, better graphics and music, and a few sounds.  The interactive tutorial was great and if this was a bit less buggy it would definetly be something for the Top 100! 

I also made a little square game too, if you want to you could rate it too. :)


Haha this was fun and cute! Thanks for the secret end screen!


Haha. The prize at the end is delightful. Cool concept. Would love to see a more challenging level or two!